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Changes: DX
* Pokémon can now be sent to Professor Oak in exchange for {{Candies}}, in the same vein as Pokémon GO, with received Candies being kept in the Candy Jar in the player's bag.
* The {{Berries}} from Pokémon GO have been added, with some of their effects being altered.
==Rescue Team: DX==
* The {{t|Fairy}} type, foreign Pokémon evolutions (such as {{p|Sylveon}} and {{p|Mantyke}}), [[Mega Evolution]], and [[Primal Reversion]] are all carried over from Generation VIII.
* All evolution items were replaced with the Evolution Stone.
* Many minor changes to various dungeons, such as [[Oddity Cave]] becoming accessible after completing [[Mt. Steel]], the [[Friend Bow]] moving to the end of [[Solar Cave]], and {{p|Mewtwo}}'s dungeon—[[Western Cave]]—being lowered from 99 floors to 20.
* Shiny Pokémon—excluding the Shiny {{p|Celebi}} cameo from [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness|previous games in the series]]—appear as "Strong Foes" in completed dungeons.
* The maximum team size has been increased from 4 to 8, but only 3 Pokémon may be brought into a dungeon. The other 5 team members must be [[Recruitment|recruited]] after entering.
* [[Rare quality|Rare qualities]] replace the IQ system, and [[Gummi]]s have been lowered to only two varieties.
** Rainbow Gummis will raise a stat at random, and will sometimes give the Pokémon a new Rare quality.
** DX Gummis will raise a stat at random, and will always give the Pokémon a new Rare quality.
* {{p|Riolu}} and {{p|Lucario}} originally appeared as cameos, but can now be recruited through the use of Mystery Houses—Rare rooms found in post-game dungeons, enterable with an invitation bought from {{p|Kecleon}}.
==Impact on other media==