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Minun (Pokémon)

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* Minun shares its {{pkmn|category}} with its partner {{p|Plusle}}. They are both known as the Cheering Pokémon.
* Minun and Plusle have the same base stats, although the stat distribution is different with Minun being more defense-oriented and Plusle being more offense-oriented.
* Minun has never appeared in the anime without a Plusle alongside it, unlike Plusle who has appeared alone a few times as [[Solana]]'s {{ra|Partner Pokémon}}.
* Minun's first major appearance in the anime was in episode 312, the same number as its position in the National Pokédex.
* Unused text in {{g|Colosseum}} suggests that a {{pkmn2|Shadow}} Minun was going to appear in the game.