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Generation VIII

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Only Galarian Darumaka uses a stone to evolve into Darmanitan; regular Darumaka still evolves by level.
===Alterations from Generation VII===
* Pokémon that are not presentprogrammed ininto a game's current patch cannot be transferred into it.
* Many [[move]]s from earlier games have been [[Pokémon Sword and Shield#Unusable moves|deprecated]], and cannot be used or learned]] in Sword and Shield.
* The [[Town Map]] is now a part of the [[menu]], and the player can use the replacement for [[Poké Ride]] {{p|Charizard}} Glide, [[Flying Taxi]], at the start of the game.
* The abandonment of the following elements:
** The [[Moss Rock]], [[Ice Rock]], and [[special magnetic field]].
*** Due to this, the evolution methods of certain Pokémon are changed; those Pokémon now evolve by using an [[evolutionary stone]], including {{p|Eevee}} into {{p|Leafeon}} or {{p|Glaceon}} and {{p|Charjabug}} into {{p|Vikavolt}}.
** [[Trial Captain]]s, [[Totem Pokémon]], and [[Island Kahuna]]s.
** [[Battle Royal]] and [[SOS Battle]].
** [[Mega Evolution]] and [[Z-Move]]s.
* The [[island challenge]] has been replaced by the [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]].
* Certain Pokémon can evolve from a preexisting [[evolutionary stone]] which could not do so before, including evolutions into {{p|Leafeon}}, {{p|Glaceon}}, {{p|Darmanitan}}, and {{p|Vikavolt}}.
* The [[Elite Four]] is replaced by the {{DL|Galar League|Champion Cup}}.
* [[Poké Pelago]] is replaced by [[Poké Job]]s.