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Tangrowth (Pokémon)

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Tangrowth is a large Pokémon with a black body wrapped in blue vines. The vines are used to entangle foes and prey. A pair of saucer-like eyes peeks out from beneath the tangled mess of vines. However, these eyes may be hidden in warm seasons due to how profusely the vines grow. Its stubby black feet are tipped with red. Tangrowth has a pair of blue boneless arms that have three fingers. These fingers are completely red on a female Tangrowth, while they have red tips on a male. Tangrowth also has thicker and longer vines than Tangela.
Tangrowth is unfazed if one of its arms is broken off, as it will easily grow back. It hunts by disguising itself as a shrub, then grabbing prey with its vines. Tangrowth is very rare in the wild, though it can be found in temperate grasslands.
* Until the release of {{game|Platinum}}, the only way to obtain Tangrowth was to transfer a {{p|Tangela}} via [[Pal Park]] and [[Evolution|evolve]] it. This was the only case in which a {{cat|Generation IV Pokémon}} was only obtainable through Pal Park.