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The incident caused by the episode was coined by the Japanese press as the [[Pokémon Shock]]. Before the series restarted, a special report was aired on April 11, 1998, titled ''[[Anime: Pocket Monsters Problem Inspection Report]]''. In addition, an explanation aimed for children {{DL|EP039|Explanation of EP038 incident|was shown on the first episode after the incident}}. However, it has been known some children faked seizures to skip school the next day. Every Pokémon episode that aired up until this episode, including [[Aim to Be a Pokémon Master|the opening]], was edited by lighting certain scenes, removing or changing fast-flashing scenes and more. The original version of the episodes have never been shown again, except by mistake on [[Hulu|Hulu Japan]]. The resulting hiatus also impacted the production of [[M01|the first movie]] and to a certain degree episodes of the series itself. In particular, the resulting hiatus resulted in the former airing after [[EP063|certain]] [[EP064|teaser]] [[EP066EP065|episodes]] rather than before them per the original plan, which ultimately resulted in a new prologue sequence being added into the film that featured Mewtwo's birth and destruction of the New Island lab, as well as his servitude to Team Rocket as compensation. For the latter, it also had [[Holiday Hi-Jynx!]] and [[Snow Way Out]] being aired out of order at a later date, and to a lesser extent resulted in [[EP052]] and [[EP053]] being aired out of order at a later date.
To avoid further controversy involving the episode's central plot, {{p|Porygon}} has never had an important role in another episode since, despite {{AP|Pikachu}} being the one to cause the seizure-inducing explosion. Porygon's evolved forms, {{p|Porygon2}} and {{p|Porygon-Z}}, also remained absent from the anime until [[M15|the fifteenth movie]], and even then only appeared in cameo roles. Porygon itself has also made cameo appearances in the first four films and ''[[EP047|A Chansey Operation]]''. As an indirect result, its [[signature move]] {{m|Conversion}} has never been used in the anime since.