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Sandaconda (Pokémon)

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Biology: We use US spelling here
Sandaconda uses its inflated sand pouch to protect its head from harm. The pouch can store up to 220 pounds of sand for a time. The pouch is very elastic and thick to the point a {{p|Durant}}'s pincers cannot harm it. Sandaconda can contract its body to spray the sand stored in the pouch through its nose with tremendous force, and its unique method of coiling allows it to blast its sand more efficiently. The sand is mixed with sharp pieces of gravel, making it so dangerous that just coming in contact with it will cause lacerations. While Sandaconda may act tough and confident, it will become timid and cowardly the moment it runs out of sand.<ref></ref> Sandaconda is a natural predator of {{p|Durant}}.
As Gigantamax Sandaconda, it becomes larger and standing on its tail like a cobra. The body, decorated by brown and black diamond markings, has coiled around with the head and neck in middle to resemble that of a tornado. The neck pouch enlarges and becomes a swirling mass of mottled brown sand. Three red clouds float above its head and its eye colourcolor changes to bright red.
When Gigantamaxed, the sand overflows from the pouch and forms a ring around Sandaconda's neck, with total amount of sand swirling around its body now reaching 1,000,000 tons. Gigantamax Sandaconda resembles an enormous tornado, and it attacks by spinning its body at high speeds, causing the sand to move at incredible speeds and inflicting massive damage to anything that touches it. It is powerful enough to pulverize a skyscraper in this way.<ref></ref>