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Celadon City

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In the manga
{{adv|Yellow}} ended up in Celadon City after having escaped from [[Lorelei]], and was greeted by Erika and several of her students. {{tc|Super Nerd}} {{adv|Miles}}, sent to capture [[Pika]] by [[Agatha]], then appeared, disguised as Red. He knocked Erika out, overwhelmed Yellow, and tried to escape with Pika, but was stopped by the four "Gym Leaders of Justice". Agatha's {{p|Gastly}} then tried to kill Miles, but was stopped by {{adv|Blue}}. Afterwards, Blue and Yellow left to train together at {{rt|9|Kanto}}.
Later in the chapter, Celadon City was attacked by an army of {{p|Shellder}} and {{p|Cloyster}}, sent by Lorelei. While protecting her Gym, Erika found out that the [[Elite Four]] were after her Badge. After Yellow defeated [[Lance]] at [[Cerise Island]], the Pokémon army lost its strength.