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Pokémon Stadium 2
Some missions in [[Hey You, Pikachu!]] involve {{p|Pikachu}} interacting with other Pokémon in certain ways to cause their evolution. In ''Caring for {{p|Caterpie}}'', the player and Pikachu supervise a group of Caterpie, who will evolve into {{p|Metapod}} and then {{p|Butterfree}} if treated well. In ''Field Trip'', Pikachu can water wild {{p|Oddish}} and {{p|Gloom}}, causing them to evolve into Gloom and {{p|Vileplume}}, respectively.
===Pokémon Stadium 2===
Pokémon on a Game Boy or Game Boy color game can evolve in [[Pokémon Stadium 2]] by fulfilling the conditions required for evolution, such as using an evolution stone or using [[Rare Candy]] to level up a Pokémon to the required evolution, as in the main series. This can be done in the [[Pokémon Lab]]. This cannot be done in [[Pokémon Stadium]], however.
===Pokémon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness===