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Pokémon in Greater China

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Pokémon Trading Card Game
Currently, JFL Trading manages the TCG tournaments in Hong Kong and MTG Mint Card/KKTCG handle the events in Taiwan, while KKTCG organises the league for Chinese-language cards in this two regions.
Prior to 2019, only two sets of the Trading Card Game were officially printed in Chinese. The {{TCG ID|Jungle|Pikachu|60}} card from the {{TCG|Jungle}} expansion was released in Chinese as part of the 2000 Pikachu World Collection. This was followed by {{tcg|Base Set}}, which was released by [[Wizards of the Coast]] in 2000 in Taiwan and Hong Kong using the [[Media:Pokémon logo Southeast Asia.png|red variant of the Pokémon logo]] with the title 集換式紙牌遊戲. Later in 2006, {{tcg|EX Legend Maker}} was later released by [[The Pokémon Company International|Pokémon USA, Inc.]] and distributed by Funbox Toys (麗嬰國際) in Taiwan under the title 集換式卡片遊戲 to commemorate the {{OBP|PokéPark|theme park}} theme park.<ref></ref>
==[[Pokémon Battrio]]==