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Gym Trainers
===Gym Trainers===
<!--Wouldn't this go better on the page for Gym, if anything?-->In addition to Gym Leaders, there are also {{tc|Gym Trainer}}s. They are Trainers that are either a devotee or apprentice to the Gym Leader, who follow the same type theme as the Leader does. It is usually necessary to defeat multiple Gym Trainers before challenging the Gym Leader. Some Gyms in the game require the player to solve a puzzle, and one must often use Gym Trainers as obstacles to reach the solution. They have no direct impact on the overall plot, other than rarely offering the player helpful advice. It is also worth noting that the type of {{pkmn|Trainer}} appearing in a Gym will depend on the Gym itself. For instance, [[Gardenia]] employs {{tc|Aroma Lady|Aroma Ladies}} and {{tc|Beauty|Beauties}}, exclusively, while [[Misty]] recruits {{tc|Sailor}}s and {{tc|Swimmer}}s; these Gym Leaders represent the [[type]]s {{t|Grass}} and {{t|Water}}, respectively. However, starting in [[Generation VIII]], they only have the Trainer class “Gym Trainer”, as well as a special introduction featuring their badge.
==In the anime==