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Generation II

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* Generation II is the smallest completed [[generation]] so far, with only seven {{pkmn|games}} and three [[core series]] games.
* Generation II was the first generation to:
** Introduce a [[Battle Tower (Generation II)|new named location]] and [[List of Key Items in Generation II#Key Items exclusive to Crystal|new items]] in its [[upper version]].
** Not introduce a new [[Fossil|set of fossils]].
** Not feature a [[Safari Zone]] in any capacity.
** Feature different Pokédex entries for Pokémon in the original pair of games.
* Generation II was the only generation to:
** Have all of its starters initially holding an item (in this case, a {{i|Berry}}).
**** While Generation VIII didn't introduce a full new evolutionary line, [[List of Pokémon with form differences|Galarian]] {{p|Meowth}} evolves into a new species, {{p|Perrserker}}.
*** More than one {{type|Poison}} or {{type|Flying}} move.
** Not feature [[Fossil|fossils]] in any capacity, the items in question not even being coded into the games.
* Generation II leaves the least extra space for Pokémon in the {{pkmn|Storage System}} if [[Living Pokédex|one of every species is caught]]. Only {{tt|280|270 Pokémon in the Japanese versions due to differences in storage}} Pokémon may be obtained at once; there are 251 different Pokémon species available in this generation.
* Generation II features the first main series game, Crystal, whose Japanese title is in katakana only ''and'' that uses an English word, rather than using the Japanese counterpart word in kanji. No game since has been named in kanji.