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* There was no alarm sounding during Mewtwo's awakening in the Japanese version.
* The dialogue in the scene where {{an|Dr. Fuji}} tells Mewtwo about its origins was altered in the dub. In the original version, Mewtwo asks if Mew is its mother or father, and when Dr. Fuji tells that neither "yes" or "no" would be a wrong answer, it asks if it was created by {{wp|God in Christianity|God}}. To this, Dr. Fuji replies that in this world, the only ones capable of creating life are God and humans, and Mewtwo was created through human science.
** In addition, the Japanese version had the scientists shortly before Mewtwo's rampage merely congratulating themselves on a job well done with Mewtwo's creation. The dub had added references to creating a new tank and implying that they'll stuff Mewtwo in a cage until the tank's ready, presumably to make the scientists less sympathetic before they were killed by their creation.
* While Giovanni tells Mewtwo about seeing it as a valuable partner in the dub, in the Japanese version, he tells it that there is something even stronger than it in this world, to which Mewtwo replies, "Humans?" receiving a nod of acceptance from Giovanni.
* Giovanni denies that Mewtwo's armor is meant to suppress its powers in the dub, stating that it is rather meant to "focus" them. In the original Japanese, Giovanni says that Mewtwo's job is to fight for Team Rocket.