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=====Pokémon GO=====
{{main|[[File:GO Snapshot}}Smeargle Surprise Encounter.png|thumb|100px|Surprise encounter with Smeargle]]
In [[Pokémon GO]], players may take pictures of Pokémon when they are encountered them in the wild., '''GOor Snapshot'''once isthey aare featurecaught introducedand onkept Februaryin 25,the 2019,player's whichstorage. enabledInitially, players were only able to take photospictures of their Pokémon encountered in storagethe wild. ThisWith this feature, canplayers bemay accessedchoose throughto take the cameraphotographs iconwith onor without the individualAR Pokémon'smode statusactivated. screen,When ora byphotograph accessinghas thebeen camera throughtaken, the itemspictures list,will andbe photossaved canon betheir takenmobile withdevices' internal storage or withoutexternal AR+{{wp|memory mode activatedcard}}.
Occasionally,'''GO theSnapshot''' photois willa befeature interceptedintroduced byon aFebruary {{p|Smeargle}}25, 2019, which willenabled appearplayers into take frontphotos of thetheir photoPokémon takenin storage. OnceThis thisfeature happenscan be accessed through the camera icon on the individual Pokémon's status screen, aor wildby Smeargleaccessing willthe appearcamera aroundthrough the playeritems list, and isphotos currentlycan thebe onlytaken methodwith ofor obtainingwithout SmeargleAR+ mode activated. Smeargle'sWithout movesetAR+, the Pokémon will be remain fixed in position facing forward in the identicalcenter of the screen, while AR+ enables the player to keep the movesetposition of the Pokémon fixed relative to its background and therefore players can move around the Pokémon to obtain a greater variety of whichphotos. Once the photophotos wasare taken, the player will be able to review the photos taken, and can directly share their photos to social media. The photos will also be saved automatically to the devices' internal storage or external memory card.
Occasionally, the photo will be intercepted by a {{p|Smeargle}} which will appear in front of the photo taken. Smeargle will only appear in the first few images taken per session, and the image with and without the photobomb will be saved. Once this happens, a wild Smeargle will appear around the player, and is currently the only method of obtaining Smeargle. Smeargle's moveset will be the identical to the moveset of the Pokémon of which the photo was taken.
On [[April Fools' Day 2019|April Fools' Day]] till April 3, 2019, Smeargle was replaced with {{Ash}} or a [[Pikachu in a cap|Pikachu wearing Ash's hat]] as the photobomb character. A wild Pikachu wearing Ash's hat would spawn near the player after this had occurred.
During [[Pokémon Day|Pokémon Day 2020]] event, Smeargle is replaced with [[Pikachutwo]] and [[Ash's Pikachu]] as the photobomb characters. A wild Pikachutwo spawns near the player after this had occurred.
These surprise encounters enable players to earn the {{tc|Cameraman}} [[List of Medals in Pokémon GO|medal]] depending on the number of photobombs they have had.