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{{series|Advanced Generation}}
In ''[[AG159|Off the Unbeaten Path]]'', Jessie entered [[Potpourri Island]]'s [[Pokémon Orienteering]] with {{MTR}} as her partner Pokémon. The duo had trouble finding the checkpoints and decided to drop out of the competition. They planned on letting [[James]] and his {{TP|James|Mime Jr.}} collect the five stamps, thinking James would share the sample of [[Berry|fruit]] prize with them. To assure James's victory, they dug several pitfall traps throughout the island so as to slow down the other contestants. When James was declared the winner, Jessie was certain she would get to eat some fruits. However, James was more interested in the Pokémon Teamwork Medal and he agreed to donate the fruits after [[Nurse Joy]] asked him to, much to Jessie's disappointment.
Jessie's odd Contest style had caught the eye of [[Harley]], and they quickly struck up a friendship of sorts during the [[Mulberry City]] Contest. Harley was determined to sabotage May's chances of getting her final [[Ribbon]], and he subsequently paired up with Team Rocket, even giving Jessie his Pokémon to borrow for the event. Jessie lost to May in the final round, much to Harley's annoyance. Later, in ''[[AG187|The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!]]'', Harley suggested that Jessie should accompany him to [[Johto]] to compete in Contests. She refused his offer, admitting that she was already committed to Team Rocket.
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