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* In Generations I-[[Generation IV|IV]], [[TM]]s are single-use while [[HM]]s can be used an unlimited number of times. Starting in [[Generation V]], TMs have unlimited uses as well.
* In the Generation I, the HMs {{m|Cut}}, {{m|Surf}}, are {{m|Strength}} are required for completion of the games. They may also be used to access optional areas. All [[Generation II]]–[[Generation VI|VI]] games also require some HMs for completion. Starting in [[Generation VII]], HMs are not present at all, being replaced by the [[Poké Ride]]{{sup/7|SMUSUM}}/[[Secret Technique]]s{{sup/7|PE}}. In [[Generation VIII]], there is nothing akin to HMs, except for the Galar [[Flying Taxi]], a service where a cab flown by a Corviknight can bring you anywhere with an open roof.
* In Generations I-III, [[Physical move|physical]] and [[special move]]s are determined by the move type. For instance, all {{t|Fire}} moves are special. Starting in [[Generation IV]], physical and special moves are determined by the move itself, rather than their type.
* [[Statistic#Special|Special]] is a stat that existed only in this generation. In [[Generation II]], Special was split into Special Attack and Special Defense.