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{{cardlist/entry|cardname=[[Hoopa (XY-P Promo 155)|Hoopa]]|type=Psychic|jpset=XY-P Promotional cards|jpnum=155/XY-P}}
====Hoopa's Appearance~! Album Set====
Another special pack available from July 18, 2015 was the '''Hoopa's Appearance~! Album Set''' (Japanese: '''映画公開記念<劇場・ポケモンセンター限定> 「フーパのおでまし~!アルバムセット」''' ''Movie Commemoration <Theater•Pokémon Center Limited> Hoopa's Appearance~! Album Set''), which comes with two {{TCG|Legendary Shine Collection}} Concept Packs, released on the same day, and an album for displaying up to 12 cards. Two pages in the album feature large illustrations that can be completed by inserting the appropriate cards. The first page contains an illustration by [[Naoki Saito]], which features an arid landscape and [[Dahara City]] in the distance, and includes space for the promotional {{TCG ID|XY-P Promo|Hoopa|155}} card available to movie patrons. The second page contains a landscape illustration by [[Shin Nagasawa]] and includes spaces for {{TCG ID|Legendary Shine Collection|Regigigas|23}}, {{TCG ID|Legendary Shine Collection|Arceus|24}}, and {{TCG ID|Legendary Shine Collection|White Kyurem|21}}, all from the Legendary Shine Collection. Although the last two pages contain no large illustration, the display flaps on the third page have the edges of {{TCG ID|Legendary Shine Collection|Reshiram|2}} and {{TCG ID|Legendary Shine Collection|Black Kyurem|20}}, which form a collective image by [[Mitsuhiro Arita]].
'''Product images:'''
|background={{Psychic color}}
|border={{Ghost color}}
|image1=Hoopa Appearance Album Set.jpg
|caption1=Hoopa's Appearance~! Album Set
|image2=Hoopa Appearance Album Set Page 1.jpg
|caption2=Illustration from album
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