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it is not a reference to Rock Head
|The more the user's [[Statistic|stats]] are raised, the greater the power of this move.
|{{ga|Lyra}} & {{p|Meganium}}
|High Fashion {{mcolor|Thunderbolt|000}}
|No additional effect.
|Sygna Suit [[Elesa]] & {{p|Rotom}}
|High-Flying {{mcolor|Sky Attack|000}}
|The power of this move is increased if not all of the opponent's stats are raised.
|[[Brycen]] & {{p|Cryogonal}}
|Living Legend {{mcolor|Blast Burn|000}}
|Become Mega Charizard X until the end of battle. Raises the user's critical-hit rate.
|Sygna Suit {{ga|Red}} & {{TP|Red|Charizard}}
|Lonely Flower {{mcolor|Shadow Punch|000}}
|[[Drake]] & {{p|Salamence}}
|{{color2|000|Rock Head (Ability)|Rock}} {{mcolor|Head Smash|000}}