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Green began voicing characters on the Pokémon anime during [[S03|the third season]]. His first role on the show was [[Captain Aidan]] in [[EP106]]. He continued to voice characters until the end of [[S08|the eighth season]], when [[4Kids Entertainment]] [[Pokémon USA recasting controversy|gave up the dubbing and distribution of the series]] to {{TPCi|Pokémon USA}} and [[TAJ Productions]]. Later, after [[DuArt Film & Video]] became the recording studio, he provided the voice of {{p|Spiritomb}} in the episode ''[[DP056|The Keystone Pops!]]'', making him one of the first former 4Kids voice actors to return to the series, after [[List of English voice actors|David Lapkin]], and the first for the DuArt dub.
He did not have any new roles for several years after partway through the {{series|Best Wishes}} following the death of his wife in November 2011. However, he hasmade recentlya returnedbrief appearance early on in the {{series|XY}}. After another long absence, he reprised the role of {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}} in ''[[M22|Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution]]''.
==Pokémon roles==