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In the movies
Once everyone was back in the real world, the Megarig arrived and captured Giratina, allowing Zero to put his plans into motion. He commenced the process of copying Giratina's powers and retreated to the ship's interior to make his final preparations. Ash, {{an|Dawn}}, and Newton gave chase alongside Shaymin using Zero's discarded hoverboard, forcing Zero to leave his army of Pokémon behind to defend the Megarig. They managed to board the ship anyway, and Newton separated from Ash and Dawn to shut it down from within. When he reached the control room, Zero appeared on the master computer to taunt Newton that it was already too late. Regardless, Newton was able to use a backdoor built into the Megarig's structure to shut down all of its systems before Giratina's scan could finish. As Ash and the others fled the crashing Megarig on the hoverboard, Zero made his own escape in a previously hidden aircraft.
After Shaymin healed the injured Giratina with {{m|Aromatherapy}}, Zero's aircraft burst from the nearby lake and confronted them. Now able to wield Giratina's powers himself, Zero launched several attacks on the group before opening a portal to the Reverse World. There, he began smashing ice pillars connected to a glacier in the real world, displacing it and forcing it to move in the direction of the nearby [[Ten'i Village]]. Suddenly, Giratina returned to fight back, with Ash and several of his Pokémon alongside it. After a long battle, Giratina, Shaymin, and Ash managed to work together to eject Zero from the Reverse World and make his aircraft crash. The aircraft was then trapped in ice fired by [[Dawn's Buizel]], {{TPMamoswine|Dawn|'s Swinub}},]] and {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}}, as well as several {{pkmn2|wild}} {{type|Ice}} Pokémon. Zero ordered Infi to save all data on Giratina, but she informed him that the system was corrupted and crashing. Though initially horrified by this news, Zero soon calmed down and resigned himself to his failure.
In the ending credits, Zero was freed by Newton and [[Officer Jenny]]. Newton extended a hand to help Zero out of the aircraft, and after being stunned for a moment, Zero smiled and accepted it.