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As {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} make their way to [[Wayfarer Island]] on their ship, {{an|Iris}} comments that it's beautiful, and they are all excited to arrive there. Ash sees a flock of {{p|Swanna}} and scans it with his [[Pokédex]]. [[Porter]] explains that they are migrating in which {{an|Cilan}} points out that Pokémon move to a new habitat when the season changes. Porter explains that the island is a popular spot for migrating Pokémon to rest that are on their way to other places. Other Pokémon begin their lives there and then start their journey. Ash is delighted to see it happen.
They all have some lunch and they eat some {{Berries}} found in the forest. When that is all done, it is sunset and decide to head back to the Pokémon Center. Leavanny decides to make Caterpie a leaf hood. Then there are some stills of the next day including some walking, vine gliding and running.
The next night, Team Rocket{{TRT}} appear and comment that Caterpie is taking a long time to evolve. But they say that their main goal is to capture Pikachu.
The next afternoon, the gang finds a forest with a variety of Berries. Caterpie goes to eat some [[Oran Berry|Oran Berries]]. Ash decides to gather a bunch of Oran Berries for Caterpie as it is Caterpie's favorite Berry. When Ash returns he and Iris notices Pokémon claw marks on the tree where Caterpie was. Claw marks are for when Pokémon mark their territory. Behind Ash there stood a wild {{p|Ursaring}} and the heroes run away from it. Caterpie was eating a berry and Ursaring tried to attack Caterpie but was saved by Ash. They all hide in the bushes but Caterpie suddenly sneezes and shoots some string on Ursaring's back and Ursaring spotted them. They run again. But to stop Ursaring, Caterpie uses its smell to warn it away but it got more angry than before. Ursaring chases them into a dead end. Caterpie fights back and uses {{m|Tackle}} and then String Shot to stop Ursaring. Ursaring breaks free, but Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to defeat Ursaring, causing it to retreat. Iris and Cilan come to Ash's rescue and Ash thanks Caterpie. Suddenly, Caterpie evolves into Metapod and falls asleep.
That night, Iris tells Ash that another entire flock of Butterfree are coming through this island. Cilan tells Ash that if evolves it can go with them. Ash wasn't sure because of how often Metapod sleeps but it wakes up and Ash tells it that they are going to work hard tomorrow. Metapod refuses.
The next morning, the gang decide to run and Metapod looks very determined. But above them there was a flock of Butterfree and Ash notices that they are a week early with Iris commenting that they must have got a strong tailwind. Cilan says that they will leave the next day when the sun comes up and Ash notices that Metapod is sleeping during this conversation.
Ash tells Metapod that it needs special traning so Ash decides to do hurdles, the horseback and push-ups, more running. This wasn't enough and after all this training Metapod hasn't evolved. Suddenly, Team Rocket comes out of nowhere, only to grab both Pikachu and Metapod, trap them in a capsule, and recite their motto, putting Wayfarer Island in a short crisis and having Ash target them as his final target of exercise. Pikachu tries to escape but can't. Ash tries to chase them and manages to grab onto the balloon and [[James]] sends out his {{TP|James|Amoonguss}} to send Ash falling with {{m|Body Slam}}. Before Team Rocket can succeed in their evil scheme, Metapod evolves into Butterfree and uses {{m|Confusion}} to help Ash to the ground. This makes [[Jessie]] angry and sendssend out her {{TP|Jessie|Woobat}} to combine its {{m|Air Slash}} with Amoonguss' {{m|Hidden Power}}, Butterfree dodges both and frees Pikachu from the capsule with {{m|Psybeam}}. Before Jessie, James, and Meowth{{MTR}} can make one final attempt to succeed in their main scheme, their plan is thwarted as Ash commands Pikachu and Butterfree to combine both Psybeam and Thunderbolt to finish them for good, ultimately destroying thetheir balloon and finallysending defendingthem theblasting islandoff.
Now with the morning migration underway, the Butterfree can be seen starting to leave and the Butterfree that Ash has successfully trained doesn't want to leave Ash but decides to go anyway. As the heroes bid their farewells to Butterfree, Ash gets upset that a second Butterfree leaves him but tells Butterfree that it will do just fine and tells it not to nap otherwise it will lose the others. Iris asks whether Ash is crying but says no because it is a happy moment. Iris smiles and they all wave goodbye, resulting in Ash promising that he and Butterfree would see each other again.