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Trivia: Kalos disagrees.
* The {{wp|Demonym|adjectival form}} of Galar is "Galarian".
* Galar is the only [[core series]] [[region]]:
** To have all of its [[Badge|Gym Badges]] named after their type.respective Previously,[[Gym]]'s Badges were always uniquely namedtype.
** To not have an "o" in its English name.
** To not have a [[Victory Road]].
** To have two [[Gym Leader]]s resign from their posts over the course of a single game's plot.
** To not have an {{pkmn|anime}} [[series]] solely dedicated to [[Ash Ketchum]] fully exploring the region in a journey.
* Galar is the first region to have a {{type|Dark}} [[Gym]].
* Galar has the fewest numbered [[route]]s of any core series region, with a total of ten.