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Gastro Acid (move)

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Hunger Switch can be removed.
Gastro Acid suppresses the target's [[Ability]] while it remains in battle.
Gastro Acid fails if the target's Ability is {{a|Multitype}}, {{a|Stance Change}}, {{a|Schooling}}, {{a|Comatose}}, {{a|Shields Down}}, {{a|Disguise}}, {{a|RKS System}}, {{a|Battle Bond}}, {{a|Power Construct}}, {{a|Ice Face}}, {{a|Hunger Switch}}, or {{a|Gulp Missile}}. Gastro Acid can be reflected with {{m|Magic Coat}} and {{a|Magic Bounce}} (but Gastro Acid will still suppress Magic Bounce if it is not reflected by it, such as if Gastro Acid is used by a Pokémon with {{a|Mold Breaker}}).
{{a|Pickup}} and {{a|Honey Gather}} can still find an item after the battle even if suppressed.