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Differences between generations
* The Safari Zone has closed as a result of [[Baoba|the warden]] taking a trip. In Generation II, it is simply inaccessible during normal gameplay while it has been relocated to Johto in Generation IV, with the original area now housing a [[Pal Park]].
* {{tt|[[Cerulean Cave]], hasalso collapsed|Onlyknown oneas hidden"Unknown BerserkDungeon" Genehas could be foundcollapsed in [[Generation II]], games}}.but Inin [[Generation IV]], however, it has since been re-excavated.
* Cinnabar Island has been destroyed by an eruption of the volcano, and its Gym has been relocated to the Seafoam Islands.
* In Generation II only, Viridian Forest became drastically smaller and was a part of [[Kanto Route 2|Route 2]].