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Surf (move)

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* Some of the Pokémon that can learn Surf, like {{p|Barboach}}, appear to lack the physique required to transport a human being at sea.
* [[Junichi Masuda]] revealed in an interview that Surf is his favorite move.<ref>[ Preview : Pokemon Platinum: Developer Interview! -]</ref>
* Surf and {{m|Fly}} are the only HM moves that become event-exclusivespecial moves on certain Pokémon, both on {{p|Pikachu}}.
** InHowever, in [[Generation VIVIII]], SurfPikachu andcan Flylearn arethis tiedmove forvia having[[TR]], theso highest base power of all HM moves. Prior to Generation VI,it Surfis hadno thelonger highesta basespecial powermove.
* IfIn {{m|Secret[[Generation Power}}VI]], isSurf usedand inFly are tied for having the oceanhighest inbase power of all HM moves. Prior to Generation IIIVI, itSurf will havehad the animationhighest ofbase Surfpower.
* If {{m|Secret Power}} is used in the ocean in [[Generation III]], it will have the animation of Surf.
* There is {{DL|List of unobtainable items|?????|an unused item}} allowing players to cross water, identical to Surf in {{3v2|Red|Blue|Yellow}}. It has been fan-named as "surfboard".
* {{m|Muddy Water}} has the same animation as Surf, except it uses a brown coloring instead.