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Surf (move)

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* There is {{DL|List of unobtainable items|?????|an unused item}} allowing players to cross water, identical to Surf in {{3v2|Red|Blue|Yellow}}. It has been fan-named as "surfboard".
* {{m|Muddy Water}} has the same animation as Surf, except it uses a brown coloring instead.
* In consolethe 3D{{pkmn|Stadium}} gamesseries, {{g|Colosseum}}, {{XD}}, and {{pkmn|Battle Revolution}}, when {{p|Pikachu}} uses this move, a surfboard appears underneath it; and when {{p|Raichu}} uses this move in these games, it surfs on its tail. This does not occur in any handheldcore series games.
* In [[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]], [[List of glitches in Generation VI#Evolving Wailmer Surf glitch|a glitch]] causes the game to freeze if the player is surfing on a {{p|Wailmer}} and it evolves while the player is fishing.
* When using this move outside of battle, the text will always say "The water is a deep blue", even in cases where the water is clearly not blue, such as the green water at Unova's [[Village Bridge]].