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Pokémon GO: Added Pikachutwo
On [[April Fools' Day 2019|April Fools' Day]] till April 3, 2019, Smeargle was replaced with {{Ash}} or a [[Pikachu in a cap|Pikachu wearing Ash's hat]] as the photobomb character. A wild Pikachu wearing Ash's hat would spawn near the player after this had occurred.
During [[Pokémon Day|Pokémon Day 2020]] event, Smeargle is replaced with [[Pikachutwo]] and [[Ash's Pikachu]] as the photobomb characters. A wild Pikachutwo spawns near the player after this had occurred.
These surprise encounters enable players to earn the {{tc|Cameraman}} [[List of Medals in Pokémon GO|medal]] depending on the number of photobombs they have had.