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Other notable voice actors in En-Be-Ef, Twin Media, GMC, Sonica, and Master Film dubs of the anime include Małgorzata Maślanka as [[Officer Jenny]] in the first four seasons and movies, and Katarzyna Łukszyńska in the next two seasons, Anna Bielańska (seasons 1-4, movies) and Agata Rzeszewska (seasons 5-6) as [[Nurse Joy]], Grzegorz Pawlak (seasons 1-4, movies) and Jacek Kałucki (seasons 5-6) as {{an|Professor Oak}} and Olga Borys as the voice of [[Duplica]], {{an|Aya}} (first season only), [[Jessiebelle]] and other minor characters.
The tenth season was dubbed by Sun Studio Polska and translated by Anna Wysocka and Anna Izdebska. Sun Studio decided to ignore previous cast of the series and choose all new actors for every character. Ash was then voiced by Grzegorz Drojewski, who received mixed opinions about his work from Polish Pokémon fans. Some of them stated his voice is now more suitable for Ash than previous, because in tenth season he iswas considered by fans to be older and shouldn't be longer voiced by female, some others Drojewski is sounding too young, unsuitable to this role and Hanna Kinder-Kiss voice is commonly linked with Ash. Brock was voiced by Waldemar Barwiński, Jessie by Izabela Dąbrowska, James by Marcin Przybylski, Meowth by Łukasz Lewandowski, Professor Oak by Janusz Wituch, Gary Oak by Karol Wróblewski (who also voiced [[Conway]]), Nurse Joy and [[Delia Ketchum]] by Joanna Węgrzynowska and Officer Jenny by unknown voice actress. Piotr Bąk provided the voice of narrator. Magdalena Krylik was chosen for the role of {{an|Dawn}}.
The next season, as well as the eleventh movie, was dubbed by Studio Eurocom, who worked on majority of Jetix dubs. Most of original actors returned to their respective characters, however there were few exceptions. Jessie was still voiced by Izabella Dąbrowska, Professor Oak by Janusz Wituch and Gary Oak by Karol Wróblewski (even though original Gary voice actor, Marek Włodarczyk, was providing the voice of Brock in the season). Beata Wyrąbkiewicz replaced Magdalena Krylik in the role of Dawn, and Joanna Domańska (who returned to voice [[Cassidy]]) began to provide the voice of Officer Jenny. Dub of this season was directed by Tomasz Marzecki and it was translated by Anna Wysocka, Maciej Wysocki and Kamil Pozorski (famous member of the Polish Pokémon fandom, known under the nickname AtoMan). Grzegorz Drojewski, who voiced Ash in Season 10, would return as [[Buck]].