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Pokémon Platinum Version

No change in size, 25 February
* Front sprites for {{cat|Generation IV Pokémon}} and other Pokémon in the [[List of Pokémon by Sinnoh Pokédex number|Sinnoh Pokédex]] have also changed. Certain Pokémon not in the Sinnoh Pokédex, like {{p|Meowth}}, also received a change in sprites. The {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}} sprites are still used when the player dresses up the Pokémon either in {{pkmn|Super Contest}}s or in the [[Jubilife TV]] station.
* When battling certain {{pkmn|Trainer}}s such as [[Gym Leader]]s, [[Frontier Brain]]s and {{ga|Barry}}, the Trainers' sprites are now animated to move in the same manner as Pokémon.
* Some Trainers now use [[SealsSeal]]s when sending out some of their Pokémon.
* The {{gy|Eterna}}, {{gy|Hearthome}}, and [[Veilstone Gym]]s have all had complete redesigns in the interior.
* Closeups of Gym Leaders, just before a battle, have been changed from enlarged sprites to higher-quality drawings and the terms VS; the Frontier Brains also have this feature. The Elite Four have this as well, but the animation includes the player on the left side of the "VS." and the Elite Four member on the right side.
* The [[Pal Pad]] has been given a new design.
* The [[Junichi Masuda|game director]] at [[Hotel Grand Lake]] now has an overhead sprite of his own. The [[Diploma]] also was redesigned.
* When the player starts the battle with the Giratina in the [[Distortion World]], instead of displaying "A wild GIRATINAGiratina appeared!", it displays "The Distortion World's Giratina appeared!". It is referred to as "the wild GIRATINAGiratina" in other instances, such as attacking, however.
* The trees in West Sinnoh have sharper angles and a point at the top, compared to rounded branches and a rounded top in Diamond and Pearl, and are also slightly darker. The trees in East Sinnoh are also slightly darker, but are now a completely different hue than the trees in West Sinnoh, and are more rounded than in Diamond and Pearl, while the Battle Zone has completely new trees altogether.
<!--* The Poké Ball found at the touch screen now has a button on the center.-->