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Stunfisk (Pokémon)

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Stunfisk's very tough skin keeps them unharmed if stepped on, even by sumo wrestlers. To exploit this, it buries itself in mud of the seashore and waits for prey to pass by. Whenever unsuspecting prey touch a Stunfisk's body, it is zapped. Stunfisk smiles when electrocuting its foes. If it cannot paralyze its foe, it contorts itself with unexpected speed and flops away.
Galarian Stunfisk is grayish-brown, with three green markings similar to footprints on its body. It cannot generate electricity, but the high iron content of the mud it lives in has strengthened its fins, which have been adapted into an apparatus akin to a bear trap. Galarian Stunfisk leaves its red and white mouth, which look similar to a Pokéball, lips visible to lure in prey, and then slams its fins shut on them so they cannot escape. It is the [[Signature move|only known Pokémon]] capable of using the move {{m|Snap Trap}}.
==In the anime==