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Generation V

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Advances in gameplay
** This enables dynamic camera movements during battle, e.g. it can zoom in or out and focus on specific Pokémon as the battle progresses.
** It also allows {{p|Mawile}} to face the audience when it performs in a [[Pokémon Musical]] without the need of an additional sprite.
* The battle music changes under certain conditions. When one of the player's Pokémon (or an ally NPC's Pokémon) on the battlefield has 20% HP or lower remaining, the music changes to a faster, more suspenseful music. When battling a [[Gym Leader]]'s last Pokémon, the music also changes.
* The overworld music also changes in certain circumstances. Almost all the routes now have instruments that differ between the seasons, and layers that activate and deactivate when the player walks or stops, respectively; while music that plays in some towns and cities have layers that can be added by talking to citizens. These people can be seen playing different musical instruments like piano, guitar, etc.
* In the Japanese version of the game, the option to display {{wp|kanji}} in game menus and text is available, in addition to {{wp|hiragana}} and {{wp|katakana}} as in the previous four generations.