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Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Generation IV
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These Pokémon are not catchable, but they have special roles in the game. The Herbalist's Munchlax will often appear at a Poké Spot and make the player receive a false alarm that a wild Pokémon has appeared to eat his [[Poké Snack]]s. When the player finds Munchlax, the Herbalist will appear to take it back to her store, and she will offergive the player ten more Poké Snacks forand a random herbal medicine from her shop in compensation hiseach troubletime.
A girl's Bonsly can be found inside the [[S.S. Libra]] after it appears in the desert. This Bonsly is apparently a Pokémon that Cipher forgot to take to [[Cipher Key Lair]]. After saving Bonsly and taking it to the girl in [[Pyrite Town]], she will allow the player to use a special [[Battle Bingo#Bonsly Card|bingo card]] at [[Realgam Tower]], which features Bonsly as a playable Pokémon.