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Trivia: Highly specific. If it was a signature move, then it'd be notable.
** {{p|Woobat}}, who last appeared in ''[[XY092|Cloudy Fate, Bright Future!]]'', 208 episodes ago.
* The scene where [[Karabari]]'s {{p|Psyduck}} hugs [[Ash's Pikachu]] is a small reference to a scene from ''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}''.
* This episode marks the first time a {{p|Dragonite}} is seen using {{m|Dragon Claw}} since ''[[AG098|The Scuffle of Legends]]'', 727 episodes ago.
* The shot of Go's {{p|Golurk}} at the [[Sakuragi Institute]] is a [[List of references to popular culture in Pokémon|reference]] to a scene involving the rusted robot in ''{{wp|Castle in the Sky}}''.
* Ash, Go, Go's parents, a {{p|Cubone}}, and Pikachu narrate the preview for the [[SS015|next episode]].