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Beedrill (Pokémon)

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In the main series
A Beedrill that can Mega Evolve appeared in ''[[M19|Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel]]'', under the control of [[Levi]] and [[Cherie]]'s Mega Wave. Beedrill was used to battled against [[Ash's Noivern]], {{AP|Greninja}}, and [[Clemont's Chespin]]. It was later freed from their control when [[Alva]]'s Mega Wave Crystal was destroyed, and it escaped.
A Beedrill appeared in [[SS006]], where it was among the Pokémon caught by {{an|Go}}. It reappeared in [[SS011]] and [[SS014]]. In the latter episode, Go used Beedrill to cross the [[Desert Resort]] to reach the [[Ruins of the Titan]]. It was later used in a [[Raid Battle]] against a {{pkmn2|giant}} {{p|Golurk}}, but it was defeated. Beedrill will reappear in [[SS015]].
====Minor appearances====
Multiple Beedrill appeared in a flashback in [[SS001]].
Multiple Beedrill appeared in [[SS006]], where one of them was among the Pokémon caught by {{an|Go}}.alongside Go's Beedrill reappeared in [[SS011]] and [[SS014]] and will reappear in [[SS015SS006]].
====Pokédex entries====