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Ash's Dragonite

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Dragonair then sensed {{TRT}} capturing one of its {{p|Dragonite}} friends, and the group intervened. Team Rocket sent out a {{p|Wailord}} to deal with them, and one of its {{m|splash}}es sent Ash flying into the air. Dragonair tried to save him from his fall, but its skin was too slippery for Ash to hold on to. As such, it then proceeded to [[evolution|evolve]] into Dragonite and save Ash. After Team Rocket was defeated, Dragonite expressed its willingness to come with Ash, and he {{pkmn2|caught}} it.
In [[SS014]], Ash used Dragonite to travel through [[Desert Resort]]. Later, it took part in a [[Raid Battle]] against a {{p|Golurk}}, participating in dealing the finishing blow on it with {{an|Go}}'s {{p|Darmanitan}}.
==Personality and characteristics==