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* In [[Alola]], [[Gym]]s and Badges are not present. Instead, the player receives [[Z-Crystal]]s for completing their trials and grand trials, which replace Badges on the [[save]] file and for unlocking new items at the [[Poké Mart]] (the latter for Z-Crystals from trials only). Additionally, grand trial completion Stamps are used to ensure [[obedience]].
** However, in [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]], the player can receive an unofficial Badge known as the [[Surge Badge]] by defeating the leader of the [[Kantonian Gym]] in [[Malie City]]. Although it is purely a novelty item and serves no practical purpose, its design and Japanese name are direct references to the Thunder Badge.
* [[Kalos]]'s [[Laverre Gym]] and [[Galar]]'s [[Ballonlea Stadium]] share the same name for their Badge, being the "Fairy Badge".
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