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:''For the books, see [[Pokémon: Sinnoh Hall of Fame]] and [[Pokémon Hall of Fame (book)]].''
{{incomplete|article|needs= Gen VII and VIII data. Missing image/video gallery of inductions (including variants in third versions and remakes) from all handheld main series games aside from Platinum. Also needs information about Generation VI and layout maps from Generations V and VI}}
[[File:Hall of Fame B2W2.png|thumb|right|Entering the Hall of Fame in {{game|Black and White|s 2|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2}}]]
The '''Hall of Fame''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|殿堂入り|でんどういり}}''' ''Induction to the Hall of Fame'') is a record kept by the [[Pokémon League]] of all the [[Pokémon Trainer]]s who have ever beaten the [[Elite Four]] and the [[Pokémon Champion]]. Various data regarding the victorious Trainer is recorded. The Hall of Fame is in a room accessible from the Champion's room, and may be accessed by people who have entered it by way of [[PC]].