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Stunky (Pokémon)

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Stunky is a small, skunk-like Pokémon with dark-purple fur. Its face is large and rounded, with a narrow orange nose, orange-rimmed eyes, and two pairs of somewhat "V"-shaped cream-colored whiskers on the sides of its face. It has two pointed ears that appear orange on the inside. A stripe of cream-colored fur runs along its back from the neck to the tail, with a small tuft protruding from the base of the neck. Its tail is raised high, and ends with spiked hair pointed behind it. It has a cream-colored underbelly, and four short legs, that end in paws with three small, white claws.
Stunky can spray a foul-smelling liquid from its rear in order to drive attackers away, which is able to reach up to {{tt|16 feet|5 meters}} away. It prefers to aim for its target's face. The stench can be smelled from over {{tt|a mile|1.6 kilometers}} away, and will linger for around 24 hours.
==In the anime==