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The Pokémon that the girl was holding escapes her bag as they reach the Plank Bridge, happy about the new environment it is in. Suddenly, a flock of {{p|Spearow}} attack the defenseless Pokémon, leaving the girl worrying and asking the player to save her friend [[Nebby]]. As she asks this, one of the Spearow rushes towards the player, making the chosen starter save the day again. Once the Spearow is dealt with, the player rushes in and guards Nebby from further harm before Nebby uses its power to destroy the bridge. Before the player and Nebby fall to their doom, {{p|Tapu Koko}} flies through the Spearow and bring the pair back to safely. Thankful for rescuing Nebby, the girl gives the player a [[Sparkling Stone]] that appeared after Tapu Koko's departure.
The player and the girl then return to Iki Town and get greeted by Kukui. Kukui introduces the girl as his lab assistant, Lillie, before the kahuna, [[Hala]], returns from resolving a problem on the island. After Lillie explains the encounter she and the player had with Tapu Koko, Hala gets touched by the moment. Kukui then gives the player a [[Pokédex]] and sends him/herthem to thetheir mother to show off the new Pokémon. Before the player leaves, Hala notices the sparkling stone and asks if he could borrow it, to which the player obliges, before inviting the player to a festival the following day.
The next day, Kukui stops by the player's house again and takes him to {{rt|1|Alola}} so he can teach him/herthem how to catch Pokémon. Kukui then lets the player train before going to the festival. Before reaching the festival, the player runs into the [[Ultra Recon Squad|alien-looking people]] who seem preoccupied by auras surrounding Iki Town. They briefly talk to the player before leaving.
At the festival, Hala and Kukui reveal that it is an event where Pokémon battles are held in honor of the [[Guardian deities|Guardian Pokémon]] in Alola. Hau and the player battle once again in honor of Tapu Koko, and this time the entire town watches, including Lillie, the player's mother, and Meowth. After Tapu Koko approves of the battling, Hala returns the sparkling stone, which is now converted into a [[Z-Power Ring]]. Hala explains the Z-Ring's powers and the [[Z-Crystal]]s that can only be acquired by participating in the [[island challenge]], where the player must travel to all four of Alola's islands to become the island challenge champion. Afterward, the player then returns home to prepare for the next day.
The player and Lillie reach the Altar and both prepare to play their flutes and either wait until dawn{{sup/7|US}} or dusk{{sup/7|UM}} to summon the Legendary Pokémon. After playing their flutes, an odd power in the Altar forms and takes Lillie's bag to the source of the power. Nebby is taken from the bag and evolves into Solgaleo{{sup/7|US}}/Lunala{{sup/7|UM}}. Nebby prepares to take the player and Lillie to Ultra Space with its new power, but an Ultra Wormhole suddenly opens, and Guzma and Lusamine fall out of it, followed by a levitating Necrozma. Necrozma immediately spots Nebby and assaults it, ultimately besting it in a battle and merging with it. The player then fights the merged Necrozma, but despite losing, it manages to escape. All the while, other wormholes appear all over Alola, sending Ultra Beasts across the land. The light all over the region also disappears, and the archipelago is plunged into darkness.
Lusamine asks the Ultra Recon Squad for help. However, they brush her off, as they’re unwilling to forgive her for her recklessness. Instead, they give the player a uniform like their own and send him/herthem across dimensions to theirthe Ultra Recon Squad's world on the back of their own {{p|Lunala}}{{sup/7|US}}/{{p|Solgaleo}}{{sup/7|UM}}. The player emerges in [[Ultra Megalopolis]], ascends the [[Megalo Tower]] and faces Necrozma, now in its true form, a dragon made of light. After the battle, Necrozma disappears, as light returns to Alola. Returning to the Altar, the player learns that after Necrozma and Nebby landed in Alola, they unfused. Necrozma vanished, and Lusamine and Lillie are taking a severely weakened Nebby to Aether Paradise.
The threat of Necrozma is gone, but the player still has one trial to pass in order to complete the island challenge. The player meets the final Trial Captain, Mina, whose trial involves challenging the other Captains to a Pokémon battle. During the trip around the region, the player notices that Sophocles is saying goodbye to his cousin Molayne and that Acerola is nowhere to be found, having left her place in Mina's trial to Nanu. The player completes the trial, after which Hapu invites the player to the Exeggutor Island for the final Grand Trial. After Hapu is bested, the player's island challenge is officially complete. The only thing left to do is challenge the new {{al|Pokémon League}} in [[Mount Lanakila]] on Ula'ula Island and become Alola's first ever {{pkmn|Champion}}.