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{{ga|Nate}}/{{ga|Rosa}} receives their first Pokémon from Bianca in their hometown of [[Aspertia City]]. Together with [[Hugh]], who hopes to take back his sister's {{p|Purrloin}} from [[Team Plasma]], the duo takes on the new lineup of Gyms in the Unova region. After Nate/Rosa earns the {{badge|Legend}} from [[Drayden]], Team Plasma attacks [[Opelucid City]], covering the city in unbreakable ice. The [[Shadow Triad]] takes the opportunity to steal the [[DNA Splicers]] from [[Opelucid Gym]]. Nate/Rosa and Hugh chase Team Plasma to [[Humilau City]], where after earning their final badge, the {{badge|Wave}}, they confront [[Zinzolin]], [[Colress]], and the Shadow Triad at the [[Giant Chasm]]. After the Triad releases Hugh's sister's Purrloin, now a {{p|Liepard}}, Hugh tells Nate/Rosa to go ahead and confront Team Plasma's leader, [[Ghetsis]].
Just before Ghetsis freezes Nate/Rosa alive with {{p|Kyurem}}'s {{m|Glaciate}}, [[N]] flies in on {{p|Reshiram}}/{{p|Zekrom}}, saving him/herthem. However, Ghetsis uses Kyurem's power to turn {{p|Reshiram}}/{{p|Zekrom}} back into an orb, then uses the DNA Splicers to fuse it with Kyurem, turning it into [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Kyurem|Black]]{{sup/5|B2}}/[[List of Pokémon with form differences#Kyurem|White]]{{sup/5|W2}} Kyurem. Nate/Rosa knocks out Kyurem, causing the two {{type|Dragon}} Pokémon to separate, then defeats an enraged Ghetsis. Thankful, N suggests that Nate/Rosa proceed to the {{un|Pokémon League}}. Heeding his words, Nate/Rosa ascend {{OBP|Victory Road|Black 2 and White 2}}, defeats the Elite Four, and emerges victorious in battle with the new {{pkmn|Champion}}, [[Iris]].
After returning home, Hugh's sister thanks the player for helping her big brother, and tells Nate/Rosa that she has been dreaming of a {{p|Zoroark}} calling Nate/Rosa's name. At Hugh's suggestion, Nate/Rosa returns to Victory Road, finding a Zoroark that leads him/herthem to the ruins of [[N's Castle]], where N and Reshiram/Zekrom challenge them to battle. After being defeated, N says goodbye to his dragon and releases it by asking it to turn back into an orb to give to Nate/Rosa. Nate/Rosa climbs to the top of [[Dragonspiral Tower]], and faces Reshiram{{sup/5|W2}}/Zekrom{{sup/5|B2}} again, this time, in an attempt to capture it. After this is done, N returns and tells the player that Kyurem has reawakened. With this, Nate/Rosa heads to the Giant Chasm again, catches Kyurem in its normal form, and recovers the lost DNA Splicers.
==Cities, routes, and other locations==