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==In the games==
[[File:SwSh Prerelease VS Milo.png‎|thumb|250px|Gym Leader [[Milo]] challenges the player]]
A '''Gym Leader''' (Japanese: '''ジムリーダー''' ''Gym Leader''), or '''Leader''' prior to [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]], is the {{DL|Pokémon Trainer|Trainer class}} name given to the Gym Leaders when they are battled in the [[Pokémon games]]. Despite Gym Leaders themselves being introduced in [[Generation I]], the Trainer class did not appear onscreen until [[Generation II]], and it has been incorporated into every game since. Gym Leaders are integral within the Pokémon universe. Occasionally, in order for one to advance in the game, the player must challenge and defeat the leader of a [[Gym]]. Each game is designed in such a way that the player will not be able to move forward until they receive a [[Badge|Gym Badge]] which will, in turn, either allow them to use an [[HM]] to overcome natural obstacles or trigger a necessary event to continue with the game. It is one of the player's main objectives to collect eight Gym Badges, allowing him or herthem to challenge the [[Elite Four]].
Leaders do not seem to be required to be in their Gyms at all times. [[Giovanni]], for example, could keep his title as a Gym Leader despite not being at the [[Viridian Gym]] during the majority of the events of [[Generation I]], and his successor, {{ga|Blue}}, was also absent from the Gym several times. Beginning in [[Generation IV]], Leaders are increasingly encountered outside of their Gyms, evident in the remakes {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, where the Leaders have to be found in different locations at specific times before they can {{DL|Pokégear|Gym Leader phone listing|exchange phone numbers}} with the player for a {{DL|Rematch|Gym Leader rematch schedule|rematch at the Fighting Dojo}}. Some Leaders even appear across regions, such as [[Jasmine]] appearing in [[Sunyshore City]], [[Crasher Wake]] on {{rt|47|Johto}}, and [[Maylene]] in [[Celadon City]]. Leaders can even challenge other Gyms and the [[Elite Four]] (like [[Volkner]] wanted to do). In later games, it is made apparent that Gym Leaders know each other and are acquainted with Gym Leaders from other regions, as well as with members of the [[Elite Four]] and {{pkmn|Champion}}s. Examples of this are Jasmine being friends with [[Erika]], Volkner being friends with {{EF|Flint}}, [[Brawly]] training with [[Bruno]], and most [[Unova]] Gym Leaders coming together to fight [[Team Plasma]]'s [[Seven Sages]].