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[[File:XY National Diploma.png|thumb|left|250px|The diploma awarded for the completion of the [[National Pokédex]] in {{pkmn|X and Y}}]]
The in-game rewards are usually a congratulations from the director's avatar and a [[diploma]], usually one for completing the regional Pokédex and one for the National Pokédex. In {{v2|Emerald}}, the player could choose from one of the Johto [[starter Pokémon]] for completing the Hoenn Dex. The completion of the Pokédex also usually allows the player to upgrade his/hertheir {{ga|Trainer Card}}. Also, in {{game|Black and White|s}}, the diploma will appear on the shelf in the player's bedroom.
In Generations I to III, the completion of the regional Pokédex is tracked by how many Pokémon the player has caught. However, in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} and {{v2|Platinum}}, the regional Pokédex is tracked simply by how many Pokémon the player has seen. In {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, though, it again registers only Pokémon that have been caught. In Generation V, though [[Professor Juniper]] originally evaluates the player's regional Pokédex based on the Pokémon the player has seen, they may still only receive a diploma after having caught all regional Pokémon. Completion of the National Pokédex is always based only on the number of Pokémon caught.