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The player then goes back to either [[Celadon City]] or [[Lavender Town]], encountering the other {{p|Snorlax}} on the way back. After stopping off at the [[Celadon Condominiums|Celadon Mansion]] and getting some [[Tea]], Saffron City can finally be entered. However, Team Rocket is guarding almost every door in the city, including that of the local Pokémon Gym! One of the open buildings, however, is the unofficial Fighting-type Pokémon Gym. After the player defeats the Fighting Dojo, they are entitled to either a {{p|Hitmonchan}} or a {{p|Hitmonlee}}. The city's centerpiece building, [[Silph Co.]]'s headquarters, has also been infiltrated by the organization, and at the top, waiting in the boardroom, is the Team Rocket Boss, [[Giovanni]], appearing for a second time, demanding that the president give him the [[Master Ball]] that the company had developed. After his defeat, he flees.
After Team Rocket clears out of [[Saffron City]], all buildings previously blocked are now open, as well as the Gym. The Gym Leader, [[Sabrina]], specializes in {{type|Psychic}}s. The floor, as well, is covered in warp tiles that make it difficult to navigate. After Sabrina's defeat, the player makes his/hertheir way back to Fuchsia City again and heads out to obtain the rest of the Badges.
With six Badges in hand, and five HMs in the [[TM Case]], finally the player can adventure onto the open sea of Routes {{rtn|19|Kanto}} and {{rtn|20|Kanto}}. A short way across them, of course, is a minor obstacle: the [[Seafoam Islands]]. After they have been navigated through, the player can continue on Route 20 to [[Cinnabar Island]], home of [[Blaine]]'s {{type|Fire}} Gym. There are also several more facilities on the island, including one that actually revives Pokémon [[Fossil]]s. After Blaine's defeat, [[Bill]] shows up again, because he needs help in a small region south of Kanto, the [[Sevii Islands]]. If the player accepts, the [[Seagallop|Seagallop Ferry]] will travel to {{OBP|One Island|town}}, where a friend of Bill's, [[Celio]], is attempting to connect the islands' PC system to that of Kanto. During this, there is also a crisis in {{OBP|Two Island|town}}, where the daughter of the owner of the [[Joyful Game Corner]] has gone missing, and in {{OBP|Three Island|town}} where a group of invading {{tc|Biker}}s are causing trouble. After defeating them and finding the lost girl, [[Lostelle]], who is in [[Berry Forest]], Bill and the player will return to Kanto, where the final Gym, that of Viridian City, lies.