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Once defeated, Ghetsis angrily intervenes, revealing his intentions of creating Team Plasma for his own interests of power, and how N and the idea of Pokémon liberation were merely his tools. In a rage, he battles the player in an attempt to eliminate any witnesses of the truth. His actions are futile, however, and N reconsiders his actions and ideas.
After defeating N and Ghetsis, the player will return to their house and see his/hertheir mother next to [[Looker]], who will be disguised as the player's mother temporarily. He explains that he needs help rounding up the Seven Sages of Team Plasma that are hidden across Unova. Also, {{rt|11|Unova}} and [[Marvelous Bridge]] open up, allowing access to [[Black City]] or [[White Forest]], [[Undella Town]], and [[Lacunosa Town]]. The player may also access [[Giant Chasm]], within which {{p|Kyurem}} may be battled and captured. The routes surrounding these areas contain many Pokémon native to the other four regions. Alder himself may also be battled in proper Champion fashion.
Pokémon outbreaks will now occur across Unova's routes as well. Additionally, a series of strong windstorms{{sup/5|B}}/thunderstorms{{sup/5|W}} will occur across routes, indicating the presence of a {{pkmn2|roaming}} {{p|Tornadus}}{{sup/5|B}}/{{p|Thundurus}}{{sup/5|W}}, which can be battled and caught. In [[Caitlin]]'s villa in [[Undella Town]], the player will encounter [[Cynthia]], the {{pkmn|Champion}} of the [[Sinnoh]] region. She will battle the player, remarking about the striking similarities the player shares with another {{ga|Lucas|young}} {{ga|Dawn|Trainer}} from Sinnoh.