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* In [[Generation I]], there is a moment when it is possible to stop the game. This happens if the {{player}} holds the A button after choosing their starter, which will stop {{ga|Blue}} from choosing his own starter until the player releases the button. This happens in all Generation I games, but is easier to perform in {{v2|Yellow}}.<ref>[ ""Freeze" the game in Oak's Lab", discovered and uploaded by LanceAndMissingNo.]</ref>
* If the player's Pokémon takes damage in his/hertheir first battle against their rival in {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}}, their Pokémon will be healed after the battle.
* Professor Oak's lab's iconic theme is not played in [[Generation IV]], with the background music instead being Pallet Town's theme. The only way to hear the lab theme is to listen to the [[Pokégear]] radio.
* In Yellow, there is a trash can on the right side of the table containing the starter Pokémon, unlike in {{game|Red and Blue|s}}. This effectively blocks the player from walking to the other side of the table to collect Eevee where the rival can't push them.