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The plot of Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver is mostly the same as Gold and Silver with a few changes and included plot elements exclusive to {{game|Crystal}}. The {{player}}, either {{ga|Ethan}} or {{ga|Lyra}}, begins his/hertheir journey from [[New Bark Town]], running an errand for [[Professor Elm]] to [[Mr. Pokémon]]'s house to discover what he was so excited about. Elm supplies the player with one of three Pokémon, {{p|Chikorita}}, {{p|Cyndaquil}}, or {{p|Totodile}}, for this errand. After Mr. Pokémon's discovery turns out to be an {{pkmn|Egg}}, the player returns to New Bark Town, only to find that a suspicious {{ga|Silver|red-haired boy}} seen lurking outside of Elm's lab earlier has stolen one of Elm's Pokémon— the one that the player's choice is weak to, coincidentally. Upon defeating him and returning to New Bark Town, the player gives the name of the boy (the player can choose any name, provided it fits under the seven-character limit; his name defaults to Soul in HeartGold and Heart in SoulSilver) to a police officer who has come to investigate the incident. Elm is amazed by the Egg and insists on studying it, allowing the player to keep the Pokémon they traveled with as a [[starter Pokémon]]. From here, he encourages the player to journey across [[Johto]] and challenge the eight [[Gym Leader]]s, [[Falkner]], [[Bugsy]], [[Whitney]], [[Morty]], [[Chuck]], [[Jasmine]], [[Pryce]], and [[Clair]], and eventually the [[Pokémon League]]. With the first Gym in [[Violet City]] nearby, the player heads off on their adventure.
Upon arriving at Violet City, the player must first defeat the Elder, [[Li]], at [[Sprout Tower]] before facing the Violet City Gym. Li has just been defeated by Silver and after the player defeats Li, he gives the player {{m|Flash}}. After defeating Falkner for the {{Badge|Zephyr}}, Elm's assistant appears to give the player the Egg, which will later hatch into a {{p|Togepi}}. Heading south towards [[Azalea Town]] by way of {{rt|32|Johto}} and [[Union Cave]], the player meets up with the villainous [[Team Rocket]], formed again after it was disbanded [[Generation I|three years prior]] in the neighboring [[Kanto]] region by {{ga|Red|a young Trainer}}. They are cutting off the tails of the {{p|Slowpoke}} that are sacred in Azalea, intending to sell them for a large profit. [[Kurt]], a local maker of specialty [[Poké Ball]]s, is greatly angered by this, and requests the player's help in chasing away Team Rocket and saving the Slowpoke. Though he falls into the [[Slowpoke Well]], hurting himself in the process, he begs the player to continue on to fight the organization with their Pokémon. After this has been done, and Team Rocket is chased away from Azalea, Kurt gives the player a [[Lure Ball]] and will make his specialty Poké Balls when brought any kind of [[Apricorn]], once per day. After defeating [[Bugsy]] in the [[Azalea Gym]] for the {{Badge|Hive}} and defeating the red-haired boy (Silver) once again, the player can journey into [[Ilex Forest]] to find the [[Charcoal]] maker's {{p|Farfetch'd}} and get {{HM|01|Cut}}. With this, Ilex Forest can be navigated through towards {{rt|34|Johto}}. On Route 34, a [[Pokémon Day Care]] is set up that is capable of raising two Pokémon at once. The Day Care functions the same way as in other [[Generation IV]] games.
* The {{rt|23|Kanto}} in Generation II is now a part of [[Indigo Plateau]]. Route 23 no longer exists.
* The [[Cinnabar Gym]] and [[Viridian Gym]] have been expanded to include Gym Trainers. In Generation II, the Gym Leader was the only opponent that was fought.
* Instead of letting the player step out to see how his/hertheir Pokémon are doing at the [[Pokémon Day Care]] and having each people taking care of one Pokémon, the Day Care Man stands outside and tells how the player how the Pokémon are doing while his wife sits at the desk for the player to drop off the Pokémon.