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* The game's speed with some features is faster compared to Diamond and Pearl, particularly while {{m|Surf|surfing}} and during {{pkmn|battle}}s. However, the player still walks slower than in [[Generation III]]. The {{wp|Frame rate|frame rate}} of Platinum remains 30 frames per second (FPS).
* Poffins can be made with other players via Wi-Fi.
* A man in the [[Veilstone Game Corner]]'s Prize Exchange House can tell the player the type of {{m|Hidden Power}} their Pokémon has, and a man in the {{Gdis|Battle Tower|IV}} is able tocan judge the [[Individual values]] of the player Pokémon.
* The price of the [[Accessory|Accessories]] at [[Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop]] in [[Floaroma Town]] has been reduced.
* European versions of the game are no longer able to play [[slot machine]]s. These versions of the game replace slot machines with [[Slot machine#European Platinum|game machines]], a machine that simply gives coins to the player with little interactivity. This is the result of changes in the classification standards at {{wp|Pan European Game Information|PEGI}}<ref>[ European Pokemon Platinum's missing Game Corner explained | GamesRadar]</ref>.
* As in [[Generation II|Generations II]] and III, it is possible to ride a [[Bicycle]] in [[Gate|gatehouses]] separating cities or towns and routes, something that was not possible in Diamond and Pearl.
* When the player uses their radar while in [[the Underground]], it takes two seconds before another radar signal can be used. In Diamond and Pearl, it only took one second.
* The Lustrous and Adamant Orbs are no longer found on the [[Spear Pillar]] as in Diamond and Pearl, instead they must be found in a cave somewhere in the snowfields of [[Mt. Coronet]] which requires {{m|Waterfall}}. To be able to catch Dialga and Palkia, the player must have obtained the items in that cave and must have faced Giratina, whether it was caught or not. Then the player can go up [[Mt. Coronet]] to where Giratina took the player and Cyrus in tointo the [[Distortion World]].
* If the player defeats or flees from a stationary {{pkmn2|Legendary}} or [[Mythical Pokémon]], it reappears after the player next enters the [[Hall of Fame]]. If the player defeats a [[roaming Pokémon]], it will reappear only after the player has re-triggered the event which caused it to start roaming; for example, the player must talk to [[Professor Oak]] to cause a [[Legendary birds|Legendary bird]] to resume roaming. If the player flees from or defeats [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Giratina|Origin Forme]] {{p|Giratina}} in the [[Distortion World]], it will reappear in [[Turnback Cave]] in its Altered Forme, where it behaves in the same way as all other stationary Legendary Pokémon.
* Most opponents' Pokémon's levels have been increased by at least one. An example of this is that in Diamond and Pearl, {{ga|Barry}}'s starter Pokémon in the battle at [[Pastoria City]] is at level 28. In Platinum, it is at level 36. However, the Pokémon used by opponents in the {{obp|Pokémon League|Sinnoh}} had their levels lowered.
===Obtainable Pokémon===
* 59 more Pokémon have been added to the [[List of Pokémon by Sinnoh Pokédex number|Sinnoh Pokédex]] to give it a grand total of 210 entries, with all non-Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation IV now included, along with their pre-evolved forms and several other Pokémon. The added Pokémon, such as {{p|Rotom}} and {{p|Giratina}}, are now available prior to the [[Elite Four]] challenge.
* Giratina has received a new Forme known as the ''Origin Forme'', with its previous Forme named the ''Altered Forme''. Giratina will appear in Origin Forme while in the [[Distortion World]], and in Altered Forme outside. A [[Griseous Orb]] is required to transform it tointo its Origin Forme outside of the Distortion World.
** The [[Ability]] of Origin Forme is {{a|Levitate}} and its [[Stats|base stats]] mirror those of Altered Forme, with the offensive stats switched with their respective defensive stats.
* {{p|Shaymin}}'s new Forme is called ''Sky Forme'' and takes on a canine appearance. Its [[Ability]] is {{a|Serene Grace}} and the Forme is focused on {{stat|Speed}} and {{stat|Special Attack}}. It is able to learn new moves like {{m|Quick Attack}}, {{m|Air Slash}} and {{m|Leaf Storm}}.
** Shaymin is able tocan change between its two forms via the use of the [[Gracidea]]. Its Sky Forme will revert to Land Forme at [[Time#Times of day|night]], if Shaymin is {{status|Freeze|frozen}}, or when deposited into the [[PC]].
* {{p|Rotom}} has new forms as well. Each of the five forms is a Rotom that has possessed an electrical appliance. Despite having visual characteristics of other types, the five forms share the original Rotom's {{t|Electric}} and {{t|Ghost}} types; however, their [[base stats]] are significantly higher. They also share the original Rotom's Ability of {{a|Levitate}}. The item to unlock these Pokémon in the game, the {{si|Secret Key}}, is an event-only item. As these Pokémon are not normally available in this game, they were therefore banned from official tournaments{{fact}} until the release of HeartGold and SoulSilver which allowed Rotom to transform without the requirement of an event-only item.
* {{p|Regirock}}, {{p|Regice}} and {{p|Registeel}} can be caught at level 30 with the help of an event {{p|Regigigas}} that has been distributed in Nintendo events.
* {{p|Regigigas}} is now found at level 1, making it the lowest-[[level]] non-glitch wild Pokémon in any game along with {{p|Magikarp}}, as well as the lowest-level non-glitch Legendary in any game.
* {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}} appear on the [[Spear Pillar]] one at a time after the player has spoken with Cynthia's grandmother in [[Celestic Town]], and obtained the [[Adamant Orb|Adamant]] and [[Lustrous Orb]]s in [[Mt. Coronet]].
* [[Cynthia]] now gives the player a [[Pokémon Egg]] containing {{p|Togepi}} after the player has defeated Team Galactic at the [[Team Galactic Eterna Building]], replacing the {{p|Happiny}} Egg previously obtainable in [[Hearthome City]].
* [[Bebe]] now gives the player ana {{p|Eevee}} before the player receives the [[National Pokédex]]; Eevee can now be obtained from the first time the player arrives in [[Hearthome City]]. It is at level 20.
* A man in [[Veilstone City]] gives the player a level 25 {{p|Porygon}} as a gift.
* {{p|Manaphy}}, while still uncatchable in-game, is now required to obtain the [[National Pokédex]]. It can be added to the [[List of Pokémon by Sinnoh Pokédex number|Sinnoh Pokédex]] from finding its picture in a book in the {{OBP|Pokémon Mansion|Sinnoh}}.
* [[Jubilife City]] has been refurbished with new pathways and some buildings have animated roof lights.
* The [[Global Terminal|Global Trade Station]] in [[Jubilife City]] has been redesigned and now includes a bigger global terminal. It has been renamed as the ''Global Terminal''.
* [[Oreburgh Mine]] now has twin coal transporters starting from the entrance and ending at the entrance to the last section of the mine and are now moving.
* An arch now represents the entrances to [[Floaroma Town]].
* The trees in the [[Eterna Forest]], as well as [[Fullmoon Island]] and [[Newmoon Island]], cast shadows that cover the ground.
* [[Sinnoh Route 206|Cycling Road]] has been redesigned and now has tunnel-like shelters in the middle of the Cycle Route, as well as lights along the sides of it.
* [[Hearthome City]] has been refurbished with new pathways.
* [[Amity Square]] has been completely remodeled. It now includes a small pond, more paths, and more upper levels. The old buildings that previously inhabited Amity Square now contain Warp Panels which transport the player to the other old buildings within Amity Square.
* [[Lost Tower]] has had its color scheme changed and now has fog on three of its five floors, which can be cleared by {{HM|05|Defog}}.
* [[Solaceon Town]]'s houses have been remodeled and the [[Pokémon Day Care]] now has a trough filled with water and tent-like shelters.
* [[Canalave City]] has been refurbished with new pathways and its houses and library have also been remodeled.
* The player now needs to use {{HM|08|Rock Climb}} to reach [[Lake Acuity]].
* The area of water to the south of [[Snowpoint City]] where the player can get a boat to the [[Battle Zone]] now contains a small amountnumber of icebergs. These can also be seen in the ocean when the boat is crossing to the Battle Zone. The boat has also been redesigned, most likely due to the icebergs in the sea.
* The back area of [[Spear Pillar]] has been slightly redesigned to allow more room for the [[Creation trio]] when they appear.
* [[Sunyshore City]] has been refurbished with new pathways and its houses have been remodeled.
* Two new characters to the main storyline were added. One is [[Charon]], a professor and Commander of [[Team Galactic]], and the other is a police officer spying on Team Galactic, using the codename "[[Looker]]".
* A Tag Battle between the player and their {{ga|Barry|rival}} against {{EF|Flint}} and [[Volkner]] takes place at the entrance to the {{gdis|Battle Frontier|IV}} when the player first arrives there.
* [[Team Galactic]]'s plans to re-create the world havehas changed slightly. The layouts of their HQs, such as the one in Eterna, have been changed. Team Galactic now utilizes more resources in order to reach their goal, as well as explaining why, in-game, such as the power from the [[Valley Windworks]], as well as planting a bomb on the [[Great Marsh]] for attention in order to allow more people to realize what they're trying to do. [[Team Galactic]] also has a [[Charon|fourth commander]] who appears throughout the game, but does not take on a significant role until after the main story events.
* Some of the [[Gym Leader]]s have been reordered: [[Fantina]] is now the third Gym Leader, [[Maylene]] is the fourth and [[Crasher Wake]] is the fifth. The appearance of players' Gym Badge case stays the same.
* {{ga|Dawn}}/{{ga|Lucas}} no longer gives the player the {{DL|Pokétch|Dowsing Machine}} or the [[Vs. Seeker]] near the {{rt|206|Sinnoh}} junction; instead they meet the player at the entrance to [[Mt. Coronet]].
* [[Team Galactic]] appears in [[Stark Mountain]] under the command of [[Charon]], who seeks to use the destructive power of the volcano to extort money from the people of Sinnoh. The player, with help from [[Buck]], must defeat them. During this event, [[Mars]] and [[Jupiter]] quit Team Galactic because Charon does not share the same ideals as ex-boss [[Cyrus]]. Ultimately, Charon and his two accompanying grunts are apprehended by [[Looker]] and two policemen.
* After the aforementioned event, the player is able tocan challenge all the [[Gym Leader]]s of Sinnoh to rematches in the [[Battleground]]. The player's [[Stat Trainers|Tag Battle partners]] from throughout the game ([[Cheryl]], [[Buck]], [[Marley]], [[Mira]], and [[Riley]]) are also able to be challenged in this place. Each of the 13 characters has a team of five Pokémon, whose levels are between 61 and 65 (except for [[Maylene]], whose team instead ranges from level 62 to 66).
* The [[Elite Four]] increase their Pokémon's levels after the player has completed the [[Stark Mountain]] event. Their levels are now between 65 and 78.
* When one finishes the [[Stark Mountain]] quest, instead of the [[rival]] appearing at the [[Fight Area]] on weekends, he now appears at the [[Survival Area]] in front of the [[Battleground]]. During the first battle, the levels of the Pokémon in his party range from 59-65, second battle 69-75, and third and beyond 79-85. In these last battles, he was the Trainer with the highest-leveled Pokémon in all core series games, until {{ga|Red}}'s remade team in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}.
* {{ga|Lucas}}, {{ga|Dawn}}, and {{ga|Barry}} have different outfits designed for colder weather, as the entire Sinnoh region has changed in temperature.
* The [[player's house]] now has wallpaper in their room.
* The template for the [[level]], {{stat|HP}}, and the name of Pokémon in battle is a dark gray instead of white, and its shape has changed.
* The [[Pokétch]] has been redesigned. Players can now move up and down between apps instead of having to go through all of them to return to a previous one.
* Some of the [[move]]s have been redesigned and have a different animation, such as {{m|Razor Leaf}} and {{m|Spacial Rend}}.
* Front sprites for {{cat|Generation IV Pokémon}} and other Pokémon in the [[List of Pokémon by Sinnoh Pokédex number|Sinnoh Pokédex]] have also changed. Certain Pokémon not in the Sinnoh Pokédex, like {{p|Meowth}}, also received a change in sprites. The {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}} sprites are still used when the player dresses up the Pokémon either in {{pkmn|Super Contest}}s or in the [[Jubilife TV]] station.
* When battling certain {{pkmn|Trainer}}s such as [[Gym Leader]]s, [[Frontier Brain]]s and {{ga|Barry}}, the Trainers' sprites are now animated to move in the same manner as Pokémon.
* Some Trainers now use [[SealsSeal]]s when sending out some of their Pokémon.
* The {{gy|Eterna}}, {{gy|Hearthome}}, and [[Veilstone Gym]]s have all had complete redesigns in the interior.
* Closeups of Gym Leaders, just before a battle, have been changed from enlarged sprites to higher-quality drawings and the terms VS; the Frontier Brains also have this feature. The Elite Four have this as well, but the animation includes the player on the left side of the "VS." and the Elite Four member on the right side.
* The [[Pal Pad]] has been given a new design.
* The [[Junichi Masuda|game director]] at [[Hotel Grand Lake]] now has an overhead sprite of his own. The [[Diploma]] also was redesigned.
* When the player starts the battle with the Giratina in the [[Distortion World]], instead of displaying "A wild GIRATINAGiratina appeared!", it displays "The Distortion World's GIRATINAGiratina appeared!". It is referred to as "the wild GIRATINAGiratina" in other instances, such as attacking, however.
* The trees in West Sinnoh have sharper angles and a point at the top, compared to rounded branches and a rounded top in Diamond and Pearl, and are also slightly darker. The trees in East Sinnoh are also slightly darker, but are now a completely different hue than the trees in West Sinnoh, and are more rounded than in Diamond and Pearl, while the Battle Zone has completely new trees altogether.
<!--* The Poké Ball found at the touch screen now has a button on the center.-->