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* The story seen on TV at the start of the game is now about [[Professor Rowan]] having just returned from a trip to [[Kanto]].
* The player meets [[Professor Rowan]] and the opposite gender character earlier, and obtains their [[starter Pokémon]] on {{rt|201|Sinnoh}}.
** Instead of being attacked by {{p|Starly|wild Pokémon}} at [[Verity Lakefront]], the player and his/hertheir rival are attempting to reach [[Sandgem Town]] through tall grass when the Professor stops them and offers them a starter.
* The first battle is against the player's rival, who, as always, has chosen the starter Pokémon which has a type advantage against the player's.
* The player and the rival now encounter [[Cyrus]] at [[Lake Verity]] at the start of the game. The player can also meet Cyrus at different venues such as the [[Eterna City]] statue.