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===Contemporary history===
In contemporary history, {{ga|Calem}}/{{ga|Serena}} leaves his/hertheir home in [[Vaniville Town]], meeting [[Shauna]] and Serena/Calem, who invite them to join the pair for a meeting in [[Aquacorde Town]]. Calem, Serena, and Shauna receive their [[starter Pokémon]] from [[Tierno]] and a [[Pokédex]] from [[Trevor]] on behalf of [[Professor Sycamore]]. After delivering a letter to his/hertheir {{kal|Grace|Mom}} from Professor Sycamore, they head on an adventure traveling across Kalos challenging [[Gym]]s in order to earn eight [[Badge]]s to then challenge the {{kal|Pokémon League}}. Over the course of their {{pkmn|journey}}, they come into contact with [[Team Flare]], an organization whose goal is to create a "beautiful and better" world while making money. They try to do this by stealing [[Fossil]]s from [[Glittering Cave]], siphoning electricity from the [[Kalos Power Plant]], stealing the [[Poké Ball]]s from the [[Poké Ball Factory]] in [[Laverre City]], and attempting to agitate and capture an {{p|Abomasnow}}. Calem/Serena also encounters a mysterious giant called [[AZ]] on several occasions, initially on [[Kalos Route 13]]. After earning their seventh Badge from [[Olympia]], Calem/Serena is contacted by [[Lysandre]], a man introduced by Professor Sycamore, who reveals both himself as the leader of Team Flare, and his intention to use the "[[ultimate weapon]]" to eliminate all life in the world. Calem/Serena battle Lysandre, first in [[Lysandre Labs]], and again in the [[Team Flare Secret HQ]], before making their way down to the basement where they find {{p|Xerneas}}{{sup/6|X}}/{{p|Yveltal}}{{sup/6|Y}} and battle them, before battling against Lysandre once more. Even though Lysandre is defeated, and Calem/Serena and their friends reason with him, he still fires the ultimate weapon. The blast the weapon emits destroys it and buries Lysandre and the HQ, ultimately disbanding Team Flare. Calem/Serena then heads to the Pokémon League where they defeat the [[Elite Four]] and [[Diantha]], becoming {{pkmn|Champion}} of Kalos.
==Cities, routes, and other locations==