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===Poffin House===
{{main|Poffin House}}
The Poffin House is also here, where {{pkmn|Coordinator}}s can bake [[Poffin]]s to boost their Pokémon's [[Contest condition|condition]] for [[Pokémon Super Contest]]s, either alone or through DS Wireless Communications with people nearby. Up to four people may bake at a time. The Poffin House is located west of the [[Poké Mart]] where the {{player}} can make [[Poffin]]s, which are the replacement of [[Pokéblock]]s from {{3v2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}. The player has to speak to the lady a little to the left of the entrance, throw in his or hertheir selected [[Berry]] and start stirring the liquid to begin creating their own Poffin. The Poffin's level depends on the amount of time consumed cooking the Poffin, the number of burns, and the number of spills.
===Bebe's House===