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The player then moves through the [[Rock Tunnel]], arriving at [[Lavender Town]], where they discover that the former [[Pokémon Tower]] has now become a Radio Tower for Kanto. Talking to the director inside the tower, they receive the Radio Expansion Card which allows them to listen to radio stations in Kanto as a reward for restoring power at the Power Plant. Traveling the length of the [[Kanto Route 12|Silence Bridge]] and [[Route]]s {{rtn|13|Kanto}}, {{rtn|14|Kanto}}, and {{rtn|15|Kanto}}, the player arrives at [[Fuchsia City]] and takes on the Gym Leader [[Janine]] who specializes in {{t|Poison}} types, winning the {{Badge|Soul}}. Going back north to Cerulean and the up to Route 24, the player challenges the Nugget Crew and finds [[Misty]] with her boyfriend at [[Cerulean Cape]]. Misty's boyfriend runs off angering her until she realizes that the player is indeed a challenger. The player returns to Cerulean Gym and takes on Misty's {{t|Water}} types winning the {{Badge|Cascade}}.
Returning to Vermilion City, the player recalls the large Pokémon sleeping outside the entrance to [[Diglett's Cave]] on the eastern edge of town. He/sheThey playsplay the Poké Flute Station on their radio which awakens and angers the Pokémon, a giant {{p|Snorlax}}. After capturing, defeating, or running away from it, the player enters and goes through the Diglett's Cave emerging on {{rt|2|Kanto}}, just south of [[Pewter City]]. The player goes north to Pewter City and challenges [[Brock]] and his {{t|Rock}} types and earns the {{Badge|Boulder}}.
The player travels south across Route 2 and through [[Viridian Forest]] before arriving at [[Viridian City]]. The player then continues south to [[Pallet Town]] and surfs to [[Cinnabar Island]]. There, the player sees {{ga|Blue}} who mentions how the town previously found on the island was destroyed in a volcanic eruption, and that the town's Gym Leader had to relocate his Gym to the nearby [[Seafoam Islands]]. Blue then goes back to his Gym in Viridian. The player travels east to the Seafoam Islands and finds [[Blaine]]'s {{type|Fire}} Gym within the islands and challenges him to earn the {{Badge|Volcano}}.
* All 493 Pokémon are capable of [[walking Pokémon|following players]] similar to {{ga|Red's Pikachu|Pikachu}} in {{v2|Yellow}}. [[Shiny Pokémon|Shininess]] and [[List of Pokémon with form differences|form differences]] are retained when a Pokémon is following the player. The player can interact with their Pokémon by pressing 'A' while facing it, so they can see how their Pokémon is feeling at the moment. In battle, like Yellow's Pikachu, they are sent out from the side of the screen, rather than from a Poké Ball. The player's lead Pokémon will always follow them except in certain situations, such as while riding the [[bicycle]], surfing, or going indoors with a large Pokémon.
* A new series of events precede encountering the [[game mascot]]s in both versions, and thus it is mandatory for the player to engage in battle with the game mascot in order to continue with the game and proceed to the [[Pokémon League]], similar to the plots of [[Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions|Ruby, Sapphire]], {{v2|Emerald}}, {{3v2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}. In the originals, it was completely optional to encounter {{p|Ho-Oh}} and {{p|Lugia}}.
* The five [[Kimono Girl]]s from {{DL|Ecruteak City|Kimono Dance Theater|the Dance Theater}} in [[Ecruteak City]] now have a significant role in the game. During the player's adventure, he/shethey can meet each Kimono Girl at different points of the game where they will ask the player to do them a small favor. After receiving the [[Master Ball]] from [[Professor Elm]] and before meeting the [[game mascot]], each Kimono Girl tests the player with a battle. Once all five are defeated, they proceed to the [[Bell Tower]]{{sup/4|HG}}/[[Whirl Islands]]{{sup/4|SS}} where they will perform a dance to summon {{p|Ho-Oh}}{{sup/4|HG}}/{{p|Lugia}}{{sup/4|SS}}.
** As these events were not part of the plot of the originals, the Kimono Girls were originally battled earlier on in the game at the Ecruteak Dance Theater in order to earn {{HM|03|Surf}} once all five were defeated. In HeartGold and SoulSilver, a {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}} inside the theater needs to be battled instead.
** The battles done with the Kimono Girls are now consecutive and will always be done in the same order until all five are defeated. In the original games, the player could freely choose the order they wished to face the Kimono Girls in.